From the Kitchen

Roast Pork

If you come to Cuba and not try the roast pork in our house, you lose half of his journey, so come and enjoy this delicious dish that we do for you.


Lobster Grille

If you want to taste a real Lobster Grille do not expect to see nuetra house will gladly prepare


Fried Chicken in Sauce

Come and try this delicious creole dish with simple ingredients but taste amazing .

We offer catering services to many traditional dishes Trinity, Cuban cuisine, international cuisine, including seafood food (Paella, fish, lobster and shrimp). In our offer you can find fruits, juices, vegetables, vegetables, bread, butter, milk, cheese, yoghurt, eggs, ham, chicken, pork, lamb, wine, sodas. We have soft drinks, hot, in order for everyone gosara VISIT and the best drinks in Trinidad.